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#94001 - As I went through the door she came with me and pointed to some lockers and said if I wanted to be naked it was fine as some of the men would be, I asked if there was anyone else here and she replied about 30 men so enjoy, as she walked off she said she would put on 2 special dvds for me on number 39 and 40 and that if I was still here she would come join me at 6. By 3 oclock after a long shower in which I had shaven my pussy bald and given myself 2 orgasms, I had already tried on 5 different outfits, 3 were just slutty 1 to nice the last was just right, it was a button down the front denim sleeveless skirt that showed off my breasts nicelyat the front and the sides, I had decided against underwear as I knew they would be coming off later anyway, and finished it of with some strappy sandals and painted all my nails in a bright red polish. The upper floor was in 3 sections a dark room, a comfy room and then she said her favourite room was the bondage room which made my jaw drop.

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