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#266580 - Stopping taking out my cell phone to check the time, in the upper right hand corner showing 20:53 Hrs as I move forwards searching left and right for any signs of the downed drone. I feel a pair of hands grab the front of my khaki bush jacket , pulling it taunt until the buttons pop and it tears open revealing the white sport bra underneath. “Fucking shit as if trying to shoot that fucking baby rhino, isn’t enough now the fucking rangers are on our ass as well!” spitting out a mouthful of phlegm “Rood a quarter of a million isn’t worth it!” “Shut up Oscar, we’ll deal with one thing at a time!” Hullette snaps then turns to MacLean “so how long do you think we have before the rangers show up?” “At best I say about an hour! Only a fool would drive full out with darkness falling!” Hullett took that into account, “Alright let’s take care of the damn ranger first then we get back to tracking those Rhinos!” Hulette instructed, retrieving a net from their vehicle and then returning

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