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#13138 - We arrived at Andrews at the appointed time, he showed us through to the garden where a few others were gathered, he introduced us to them, his brother and family and sister and family, then the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen walked out of the house, Andrew held his hand out towards her Emma, you know Christine, and this is her son Philip, she walked to me and held her hand out, I shook hands with her, I had stopped breathing, she was so beautiful. Holding her hand out to me she told me we should be getting home, I thanked Andrew for letting me play and he thanked my mom for her help. We chat about school and what we like to do, any hobbies, she tells me she has a pen friend in America and some of the things they talk about, it doesn’t seem that long we had been there and I was surprised when mom came looking for me saying it was time to go home, I got up and told Emma it was nice to meet her, she got up and to my surprise she gave me a hug and told me it was nice meeting

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