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#270726 - Multi-billionaire American tycoon Ralph Sachs, owner of Sachs Plaza, Sachs Tower, the Sachs Casino, Sachs Air airline, Sachs Phone cellphone company, Sachs Drugs pharmaceuticals, Sachs Toys novelty gift firm, the Sachs Appeal charity and many other companies, host of popular American TV show “The Dogsbody” chatted to his opposite number, multi-millionaire Lord Alun Honeycomb, host of the UK version of 'Dogsbody'. Using a microphone, he began to speak, in an exquisitely affected posh English accent: “Hello, good afternoon and welcome to my home! I, as you are of course are aware, am David Arthur Michael Peter Camshaft, BA hons, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Chief Minister for the Civil Service, Leader of the Conservative party, Head of the Governmental Coalition, and Member of Parliament for the town of Witless, Oxbridgeshire. ” She smiled, not wishing to translate thirty three and a third to bird, a slang term for woman, Barnet fair to

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