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#369710 - But her tits where huge, much bigger than Grace’s, or any of my girlfriend for sure, I couldn’t keep my eyes off them “I see you’ve notice the twins” Ashleigh giggled “Fuck, they are huge” I gasped “What. how big are they?” “Not that big,” she giggled, “just a small 34DD” “Now you know why I chose Ash” Grace smirked “FUCK” I was shocked “Only my mom has bigger tits than you” “Wanna taste them” she said, pushing them together “I thought you’d never ask” I buried my head in her tits, Ashleigh was moaning like mad, I glance down to see Grace had her thumb circling Ash’s clit “Sweet aren’t they?” Grace asked I didn’t answer, I was lost in Ash’s tits. She was only wearing the nipple clamps! “You’ve walked all the way home like that!” I said staring at her tits.

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Kyoka jiro
Jesus a degree from trinity college dublin really does get you that dream job
So beautiful girl