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#136922 - Tyler couldn't believe this girl!!! She was beautiful, smart, exotic, and witty, but talk about dominant, he could hardly get in a word edgewise!!! Even her name sounded exotic, Geneva Berk, now who had ever heard of anyone with a name like that, except maybe for someone in central casting!!! He had been on quite a few blind dates in his day, but nothing had prepared him for someone like Geneva Berk!!! So, Ty, she asked while lighting up one of those long, thin, feminine cigars, are you really disappointed in me, you've hardly said a word in over two hours!?! Uh, no, he stammered, I think you're a very nice girl, and I really am enjoying myself!!! Hmmph, she snorted, :I don't know that I like having you call me nice, that sounds so stuffed shirt, don't you think!?! Well, er, I didn't mean that you were boring or anything, he stumbled, I just meant that you seem okay, that's all!!! She took a long drag on her cigar, blew out a stream of

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Takatora toudou
I feel reality one of my favorite thanks for sharing please more of her
I hope their is a girl like that near me
Sherry birkin
So good
Setsuna yuki
Crazy big ass
Sin kiske