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#267706 - I walked into our bedroom quietly, and she was lying on her back, no covers on her, and and the only clothing she had on was a black thong. I was eating her out full-force now, but my mind was still back at the bar, on that little Asian chick in the purple panties! My wife, by now, was holding my head, pressing it into her tasty pussy, moaning loudly, and telling me to eat her fucking pussy, and to make her cum. I started licking and kissing her neck her earlobe, and my hands reached around her to squeeze her sweet hard nipples, causing her to squeal with delight.

Read Stripper [Yamakumo] Osananajimi (*´Д`) Haa Haa [Decensored] - Original Backshots OsananajimiHaa Haa

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