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#93032 - Jackie was going well, her ass already leaking cum, as two guys dp'd her both taking her brown hole, another filling her mouth, Sue also had several cocks spare but no spare holes, I got my guys to fuck me hard, then pulsing my ass on thier cocks to get them to empty thier balls, before going over to help dp Jackie. We all took loads of cum, then Jackie asked, could we move into the kinky room, a trail of guys followed as Jackie and I moved of, it was only then I noticed Sue had already gone, so no surprise when we opend the door to see her with Ralph fucking her ass and guys using her mouth as a cum bucket. Sue was first to be filled with dog cum, Ralph had knotted and made her his bitch, the sound of her orgasm filled the room together with mine and Jackie's, I just saw him turn back to back, as Sue let out a louder moan with her orgasm, Jackie too squirming around under her dog, trying to get him to knot her, as Lucas and I fucked away happy to keep going longer.

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