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#113382 - The next day she was worried that I would get upset about the night before she said it was out of her system she was sorry and all that I assured her I was as much at fault as she was I started it after all never the less she wanted to take a break she did not feel comfortable . It went on for a while only a fantasy till one evening I had a friend come over from out of town we were drinking and talking she was dressed sexy so I asked her to try to tease him see if she could get him hard ,she agreed and opened another button on her top and would purposely bend over as the evening progressed we started to play truth or dare when she refused to tell the truth I told her she had to do a dare and asked her to strip for us both she protested at first then I told her she agreed to play the game and that what she had to do so she put a more seductive music on and did a very sexual dance and began to strip very slowly my friend asked if I was ok with him being there and I whispered to him thi

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