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#362574 - Cerise wore a short and very tight scarlet mini-skirt, with a contrasting navy-blue figure-hugging sweater on top; Darby had white boots, black hold-up stockings of which the tops were visible under her extremely short white skirt, and a short black tube top which left both her midriff and her shoulders bare – apart from the thin straps of the underwired black bra that she was wearing underneath it. All of this had been calculated by Marcella’s cruel cleverness, and so Jenny was positively glad when – ten minutes late – a black Chrysler sedan pulled up in front of her, with Marcella driving and Cerise in the back seat. Marcella was at the apex of their wedge, flanked on the left by Cerise (a bit less full in the bust, but taller, and with long curling black hair falling to the middle of her back) and on the right by Darby (the tennis player and most muscular of the three, but still attractive with her wide nose and full lips that Mick Jagger might envy).

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