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#237636 - -she's a lycan how can we be sure she was really sent by michael- said the mysterious man -what I say is true Michael sent me and I am a vampire like you- I show my blue eyes as well to prove my point. my body couldn't handle handle the stress anymore so I collapsed on top of him. -who are you and why have you been following us- Arlene asked I hold my hands up in surrender -I'm Alexandra I was sent by Michael to watch over you and your daughter- -Michael why he knows I can take care of myself- -I'm only doing what I was told I don't ask questions, now would you tell your friend to remove his gun from my head- behind me I could tell it was a male by his scent, a vampire.

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Marina ogami
Show the girl face please
Yui nanase
I will say that is impressive i am slowly getting there