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Amature Allure Hikari to Haruka no Hon - Pokemon Sola

(サンクリ65) [はぐるまん (コウタロス)] ヒカリとハルカの本 (ポケットモンスター)


Parodies: Pokemon (306)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
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#127103 - I kicked off from my window and flew gracefully into the air, I love flying, the feel of the wind over you as you swooped and dived through the air, in essence it was like swimming underwater, except instead of buoyancy pushing you up, gravity pulled you down, I Saw the zoo and swooped down, into the wolf enclosure, I landed behind a rock and quickly shifted into a female wolf, as I trotted out from behind the rock the alpha male of the pack saw me and growled, I lifted my tail and turned around, letting him know I was in heat (as usual) as he sniffed the air his stance became friendlier and he slowly crept over to me, warily, I could see his cock emerging from his sheath as he moved around me, sniffing me, smelling my arousal, he stopped at my rear and I lifted my tail once again, lowering my head and pushing my wolf’s ass and pussy into the air, he licked at my pussy and I quivered with pleasure, quickly he mounted me and his cock began prodding at my ass and pussy, His cock w

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