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#159226 - This place used to be a little strip mall but now the only active business in it was an adult bookstore i had been out on the road for 3 days visiting my kid who lived with my Ex wife in Indiana and was headed home my head was aching and i saw there were several restaraunts at this exit so i pulled off and only glanced at the bookstore i went into the only restaraunt i could find that wasnt fast food (fast food coffee sucks ) and ordered a BLT and a cup of coffee as i was leaving i noticed there wasnt very many vehicles at the bookstore there was a lot with about 7 or 8 18 wheelers and another lot with 3 maybe 4 cars so i figured since it was like 10 am what kind of trouble could i get into ? so i drove over parked far away frm the other vehicles and went in as sson as i was inside i saw a lady in her late fifties i would guess behind a glass topped counter which was filled with sex toys she actually asked for Id i showed her my license and sort of wandered around the store looki

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