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#131512 - As more and more guys fucked us, it was time to open Jan’s ass, seeing her riding a guys cock, was my cue, going behind her and with some cum and spit for lube, my cock started in her ass, she pushed back taking me right in, as her orgasm grew by the second, then bang, she screamed a nice scream and squirted juice everywhere, the guys looked on, waiting their turn now to try her ass, but I wanted to be the first tonight to fill it with cum, so I gave her a good ass fucking, then shot my cum deep up her ass, sending her into another good orgasm. The day arrived and Jan was scared shit less, she came over early to get cleaned out and sort her clothes out, again a very nice low cut top with no bra and mini dress, both woman looked stunning, my car was hidden in the garage, so that Jan's husband though I was out for the night too, so I sneaked into the back seat, as we set of to Steve’s place. As Joy drove I played with Jan’s tits from behind, she was asking about tonight, w

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